The TangoVote identity


We want to be the preferred online debate platform that broadcasts unedited and in-depth debates between experts and opinion leaders.

We want to promote the in-depth discussion, contribute to the elimination of fake or superficial news and bring authenticity, trust, and transparency back to the public.

Finally, we want to be the provider of a platform where debater confidently can voice their opinions in detail without disturbances or bias and where they feel safe from hateful comments.



We broadcast unedited debates between experts, politicians, and other opinion leaders online and give the audience an opportunity to like/dislike and vote for the debate winner.




Respect is a core value for us in TangoVote.

We value and respect the art of debate and want to create a free space for in-depth debates where focus is on the essence and the content.

We respect the debaters and their opinions. This is reflected in our constant attempt to broadcast debates with as few disturbances as possible and without any bias towards either of the debaters.

We respect the audience and their need for truthful news and pledge that we never take sides nor edit any content out of our debates.


Our debates may seem raw and unpolished. This is due to our pledge to deliver unedited debates. We broadcast the debates as they were taped, streamed or chatted and although that may sometimes affect the quality, we accept that this can be the price of the truth.


What you see and hear at the TangoVote platform is not altered and not a result of algorithm-selected news.

We may encourage certain debaters to meet but we will not limit debaters from choosing an opponent and a theme themselves. We do, however, expect debaters to follow a set of ethics, both when debating and when choosing debate subjects in order to avoid discrimination.

We track the likes, dislikes and votes of our audience automatically but we never alter any of the outcomes.