Can I view the debates on all mobile phones and tablets?

How much does it cost to become a user?
It is completely free of charge

Can I view the debate in full screen?
Yes, you can watch the debate in full screen. Unfortunately, with the current set-up you may lose the option to like or dislike in full-screen.

Why can’t I ask questions or write comments to the debaters?
We want to provide a channel free of possible negative comments, threats etc. Therefore, we give the audience the option to “silently” express their support or dissociation with the arguments set forth by the debaters via the like/dislike buttons.

How do I express my opinion on the statements of the debaters during the debate?
You may express your support or dissociation with the statements by pushing the like/dislike buttons shaped as thumbs up and down. Please not that you can max push the like/dislike button every 10 seconds. We do encourage you NOT to misuse the buttons as it will blur the feedback for the debaters – Also the debater you want to support!

How do I vote for the winner of the debate?
Upon having viewed 50% of the debate, the voting function will be enabled for you to click your preferred winner of the debate. Any votes you place during the debate can be changed but once the debate is over you will have to finally decide on a winner.

Do I have to follow the whole debate to be able to vote for the winner of the debate?
No, you can vote after having viewed 50% of the debate.

Can I pause a debate and resume it again later?
You can pause any of the pre-recorded debates as you wish.

Can everybody become a debater?
No, although we believe in everybody’s right to express their opinion, we want to provide a channel only for serious panelists to ensure professional and serious debates free of spam and “home videos for self-promotion” as seen on other platforms. Anybody is welcome to apply to become a debater though by contacting us.