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How it works

TangoVote is an online app that currently is accessed through a link.

To view a pre-taped debate:

  1. Contact us to receive a debate link and click the link
  2. Select the debate you want to watch
  3. Like/dislike throughout the debate. You have the power to like/dislike any comment throughout the debate. Only be aware that you can max like/dislike every 10 seconds. We do this to avoid excessive reactions as we want to keep the results as trustworthy as possible for the debaters and the audience.
  4. Vote for the winner: after having viewed a minimum of 50% of the debate, you may vote for a winner. You can change or extract your vote as many times as you like for the remaining 50% of the debate but at the end of the debate, your final vote will be registered.


Get your link to view a TangoVote debate HERE


TangoVote in the future

TangoVote as you experience it today is a platform in its early development stages. Currently, TangoVote only broadcasts pre-taped debates. In the future, we aim to make TangoVote flexible enough for broadcasting livestreamed debates, video, audio and chat-based debates.

Users will register to access the TangoVote debate archives and we will authenticate each user for ensuring proper debate statistics and eliminate fake profiles.

We are working on making TangoVote even more comprehensive and constantly try to improve the TangoVote experience for debaters and audience. Your feedback and suggestions are very welcome through our contact form.