The story

What is TangoVote

TangoVote is an online debate platform for people who are passionate about debates. We broadcast important discussions between scientists, politicians, experts and other knowledgeable personas – completely free of spam and personal attacks.

TangoVote is YOUR go-to channel where experts speak frankly and in-depth, with no disruptions from moderators nor the audience. – Where time allocation for each debater is divided evenly and where there is no bias towards either of the opponents.

This is the platform where you go to hear the unedited news and opinions directly from the horse’s mouth.

TangoVote brings the focus back to the content and the essence of the discussion and lets the debaters truly engage and elaborate their views. By doing so, we provide the users with greater insight into debater’s opinions and help create transparency in a world full of fake news, and clouded information.

The debaters challenge each other to self-chosen debates and YOU are invited along to “silently” express your opinion by using the buttons for likes and dislikes. At the end of the debate, the winner is chosen by YOU – the audience!

This is not a channel for monologues – it is a channel for dialogue and discussions – after all – It takes two to TANGO!

Why TangoVote

The idea for TangoVote came about when our CEO was getting frustrated with watching debates where panelists were constantly arguing instead of focusing on elaborating their own opinions to the audience. Not only were they taking focus away from the essence of the message – they were forcing the journalists to interfere and later become accused of being biased.

This made him contemplate how to solve this and further researching showed that another issue affecting the public was the loss of faith in the news brought online and especially on social media. Many found the subjects incomplete and superficial. Since then, the concept of “Fake News” has been added to the concerns.

Jacob wanted to take on the fake news circulating the online sphere, break with the algorithm chosen news and he was hungry for a trustworthy platform where he could follow experts, politicians and other opinion leaders meet in professional discussions to express their views in-depth. And out of this frustration and hunger, the concept for TangoVote was born.